Merkury Market is a chain of actively operating Polish construction markets. We wish to continue developing our network of shopping centres. Therefore, attractive properties located in the area of South-East Poland are of interest to us.

We are especially interested in acquiring the following:

  • a 40 are to 1 hectare, built-up or vacant lot on a traffic route
  • renting/purchasing a building intended for trading/storing with a sales area of approx. 2000 m2
  • located on a 40 are to 1 hectare lot in the vicinity of traffic routes.

Purchasing/ leasing a building:

  • for commercial and storing purposes
  • of the area of 2000 m2 to 5000 m2
  • located on a traffic route.

Offers including details of locality and estimated price may be posted to the following address:
MERKURY MARKET limited liability company sp.k.
Zarząd Spółki
ul. Czajkowskiego 51
38-400 Krosno
or emailed to the following address: